Cultural Philosophy

In the west of the SELF new plant standing three pines: “We, plain but of a unique style, remain calm and not disturbed after the relocation. We, together with SELF people, witness the transformation after the raging storms!”
In 1997, Ningbo was attacked by disastrous typhoon, and then SELF employees protected the growing spines by steel bed. The same year, SELF suffered “TüV Incident”, in a pinch, it was the philosophy “be a good SELF employee before doing something” leading us out of trouble and winning good reputation on the market.
SELF has been relocated three times since 1993, during the time the three pines have grown into towering trees. The character of “people” in Chinese means supporting each other, means weathering the storm together. “Cold and heat cannot shale our faith, time and tide cannot defeat us”, this is the quality of both pine trees and SELF Electronics. Although the market is unpredictable, the difficulties happened to us again and again, we will never stop chasing a brilliant future……