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• Plug & play (External power supply)
• Customized design length
• Flexible and compact design
• Bright and consistant illuminance for display area
• Lifetime: 50,000hrs(ta=77°F,25°C)
• Ta: -4°F~77°F(-20°C~25°C)


  • Specifications
  • Data sheet
  • Installation Video


Ideal for under cabinet lighting.

Model Input Wattage Beam
Length No.LED
RIBBON-F306-24V 24VDC 65W 110° 196.9"
306 pcs


Product Sheet
IES Files
1. RIBBON-19730K1100930.IES 2. RIBBON-19740K1100930.IES

*Due to continuous improvements and innovations, specifications
may change without notice.

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