Customers distinguish merchandises by details, such as fabric, color, embroidery, etc. An LED light source which generates less heat than conventional lamplights, will not destroy the fine material or leave color spots on the fabric and leather. With Thanks to its super-slim shape, the light source hides perfectly under the shelves and lights up merchandises on the shelves without glare or hotspots.


    • Plug & play (External power supply)
    • Wide beam angle
    • LEDs pixel free
    • Smooth continuous lighting
    • Bright and consistent illuminance for display area
    • Linkable, max. linkable length: 12' per run
    • Lifetime: 50,000hrs (ta=95°F, 35°C)
    • Ta: -4°F~95°F (-20°C~35°C)
    • 4W/ft, 460lm/ft(@3000K)
    • Material: Aluminum alloy
    • Other color temp available


Catalog No. Model Rated Input Ra Wattage Length Beam Angle Luminous Flux (TYP@4000K)
ARROW2-830K ARROW2-L35-24V-1 24VDC 92 2.5W 7.9″(200mm) 140° 288lm
ARROW2-1230K ARROW2-L49-24V-1 24VDC 92 4W 11.8″(300mm) 140° 460lm
ARROW2-2330K ARROW2-L91-24V-1 24VDC 92 7.5W 22.4″(570mm) 140° 863lm
ARROW2-3530K ARROW2-L140-24V-1 24VDC 92 11.5W 34.3″(870mm) 140° 1323lm
ARROW2-4530K ARROW2-L182-24V-1 24VDC 92 15W 44.9″(1140mm) 140° 1726lm


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