LINCUS, excellent light quality provides stunning presentation,vividly reveal the texture and detail of food.
Significant energy saving capacity makes energy cut target easy to achieve.
Plug and play structure, make maintenance and visual merchandising adjustment without effort.


    • Plug & play (External power supply)
    • Wide beam angle
    • Bright and consistent illuminance for display area
    • Dark spot free at the linking point
    • Linkable, max. linkable length: 10'per run
    • Lifetime: 50,000hrs (ta=95°F, 35°C)
    • Ta: -4°F~95°F (-20°C~35°C)
    • 3W/ft, 240lm/ft(@4000K)
    • Material: Aluminum alloy
    • Other color temp available


Catalog No. Model Rated Input Ra Wattage Length Beam Angle Luminous Flux (TYP@4000K)
LINCUS-1130K90SC0 LINCUS-L12-24V-1 24VDC 85 2.8W 10.4″(264.7mm) 90° 224lm
LINCUS-1730K90SC0 LINCUS-L18-24V-1 24VDC 85 4.2W 16.4″(417.3mm) 90° 336lm
LINCUS-2330K90SC0 LINCUS-L24-24V-1 24VDC 85 5.6W 22.4″(569.7mm) 90° 448lm


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