Bright and consistent illuminance for vending machine. Excellent color rendering for better presentation effect of fresh food and colorful packages.
lower heat radiation means that the luminaires can be positioned closer to the products. High quality chips provide high efficiency illumination and save more energy.


    • Bright and consistent illuminance for vending machine
    • Less heat radiation, more energy saving
    • Lifetime: 50,000hrs (ta=95°F, 35℃)
    • IP rating: IP65 (for damp locations)
    • Ta:-13°F~95°F (-25℃~35℃)
    • Material: PC


Catalog No. Model Rated Input Ra Wattage Length Luminous Flux (TYP@4000K)
PEAK-L2365KWS18 PEAK-L28-24V 24VDC 85 5.6W 22.4”(570mm) 560lm
PEAK-R2365KWS18 PEAK-L28-24V-1
PEAK-L2365KBS18 PEAK-L28-24V
PEAK-R2365KBS18 PEAK-L28-24V-1
PEAK-L4765KWS18 PEAK-L56-24V 24VDC 85 11.2W 46.5”(1180mm) 1120lm
PEAK-R4765KWS18 PEAK-L56-24V-1
PEAK-L4765KBS18 PEAK-L56-24V
PEAK-R4765KBS18 PEAK-L56-24V-1


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