Ribbon creates high quality linear light for stylish spaces. The shape and elasticity of the product allows effective lighting effect .Plug & play external power supply. Customized design length fits to various lighting application scenarios. Flexible and compact design. Bright and consistent illuminance for display area. Super extension capacity, maximally linked up to16′.


    • Plug & play (External power supply)
    • Customized design length
    • Flexible and compact design
    • Bright and consistant illuminance for display area
    • Linkable,max.linkable length:16'
    • Lifetime: 50,000hrs (ta=77°F, 25°C)
    • Ta: -4°F~77°F (-20°C~25°C)
    • 4W/ft,356 lm/ft(@4000K)


Catalog No. Model Rated Input Ra Wattage Length Beam Angle Luminous Flux (TYP@4000K)
RIBBON-19730K110WAT RIBBON-F306-24V 24VDC 85 65W 196.9″(5001.5mm) 110° 5850 lm