Aisle lighting

Sufficient light must be provided for reading labels and pricing information–from helping to understand the store layout, to easily spotting directional signage, even examining labels and pricing on products.

• Offered in a clean architectural design PATH is constructed with a durable, lightweight aluminum alloy.

• Sealed design prevents light loss associated with dirt, dust, and insect collection typical of open air designs.

• At 5000lm (@4000K), has higher lumen output than comparably priced models.

• PATH’s "flood" beam angle diffusers provide more consistent light output on all directions. With interconnection, PATH has no ‘dark zone.

• PATH replaces 2-4FT T8's @ 32 Watts each with a ballast factor of 70 watts compared to 48W on PATH = 32% energy reduction.

• PATH also eliminates the mercury and hazmat disposal fees required with fluorescent tubes.

• Anti-glare design and soft light diffusion provides a soothing effect to shoppers and showcases the products in the best possible way.