Open-air multi-deck case lighting

All the details are based on our iterative refinement, vision and redesign. Shoppers don’t see the lights, they see the effect of the lights. Wide beam angle light is evenly distributed across products, eliminating shadows, hotspots, glare and other shopper discouragements.

• Reduced heat output of LED ( no UV haze) helps perishable foods like dairy and meat last longer.

• High CRI delivers exceptional color rendering and boosts the visual appeal and textures of meat, seafood, and produce selections for discriminating shoppers.

• Adjustable FORGE on the top canopy rotates to position in the exact angle needed to fine tune for enhanced visual merchandising.

• On the lower shelves, FROZEN is easy to install with mounting clips or directly with magnetic mounting clips.

• Energy efficient DLC listing delivers cash rebates that improve ROI.

• Consistent uniformity of light gives a much more professional appearance to the freezer display, and an even distribution of light across the multi-decks.

• Compatible with energy-saving occupancy sensors and dimming systems.