Vertical Freezer Lighting

With specialized optical LED design, FRIO4 provides consistent illumination on the visible side of the merchandise without the harsh effects of glare or hotspots. High CRI brings out the most attractive, natural colors.

• Energy efficient DLC listing delivers cash rebates that improve ROI.

• High CRI enhances your merchandising by delivering the ultimate in visual appeal.

• Anti-glare design helps direct the light to the product without producing harsh glare to blind and discourage customers.

• Lifetime 50,000 hrs means less maintenance compared to shorter life fluorescents.

• Integration: Easy Retrofit for replacing T8 & T12 with LED.

• Low LED wattage emits less heat, reduces load on cooling compressors.

• Compatible with PWM Dimmer.

• Occupancy sensor adjusts required light levels to traffic, saving energy.

• Durable LED plastic removes the worry and extra safety precautions associated with fluorescent glass breaking, mercury spills.