Lighting for Hospitality

Comprehensive hard ware and high quality services bring out the popularity of a hotel. Mean while outstanding space design
and the comfortable visual environment makes hotel guests sense the warmth of home thousands of miles away.
Today, hotel lighting not only simply lights up the spaces, but also becomes a strong influence of hotel visual environment
and strengthen impression of hotel features. Let's take a closer look and feel the amazing atmosphere light generates

Lighting areas in Hospitality

  • Hotel lobby

    The lobby is the first impression to the customer, on behalf of the hotel's overall image, in addition to satisfy the sufficient lighting, increase the atmosphere of rendering.
  • Multi-function conference roomHotel

    The purpose of the conference room is to carry out important discussions among a large number of people.
  • The restaurant

    The dining experience in hotels has become more than just about eating. Dimmable options can also be utilized to create customized lighting patterns.
  • Hallways, Elevators, and Stairways

    It is important for safety reasons to keep these areas well-lit. Hidden embedded lamps ensure sufficient brightness without potential glare effects that may harm visitors' eyes.
  • Hotel rooms

    Hotel guests spend most of their time in the room.Ultra-slime design makes LED light easily applied and hidden in the room.
  • SPA and GYM

    Many modern hotels offer a place for guests to “get away from it all” and receive relaxing Spa treatments. The lighting must be subtle and hidden away; not distracting from the décor.