Lighting for Residential

SELF luminaire, ambassador of the life aesthetics
Light, silent melody of every beautiful day.
SELF, who believes in the philosophy that light is full of joy, pay much attention to the design of lights in homes.
Comfortable, high quality light is key element in soothing your mood, comforting your eyes and minds.

Lighting areas in Residential

  • Linear Lighting

    Ideal for cabinets or furniture to generate visual pleasure. The storage in cabinets can obtain enough Illumination but the luminaire is energy saving.
  • Puck Lighting

    Puck lighting can give food highlights and make them look more appealing.SELF boosts for its high color rendering so the food looks natural.
  • Flexible Strips

    The light can be installed in tiny space and into various shapes, free cut into any length and bent into any shape,waterproof and irresistible to humid environment.
  • Battery-operated Lighting

    Small, slim, energy-saving and a great assistance for people searching for a spoon late at night.