Lighting for Retail Stores

SELF lighting for retail stores combines the best of art and science.
The art: enhanced visual comfort and color clarity makes display items more appealing, shoppers
more engaged, and boost sales.The science: behind the scenes, our patented technology provides easy maintenance, significant
energy savings, and longer life spans.The effect: positive results for your bottom line

Lighting areas in retail sales

  • Shop Window

    To counter strong sunlight, the light effect in shop windows should be much brighter in the daytime.
  • Racks & Shelves Lighting

    In order to keep with the seasonal styles, there may be little difference in overall design from one brand to another.
  • Showcase Lighting

    With high quality LED lighting, customers can see every brilliant detail of precious metals and gemstone jewelry.
  • Cashier Counter

    The cashier counter should be easily located, therefore remarkable lighting effect should be part of the counter design.
  • Accent lighting

    on the promotion spot, which reflect the detailed design of the merchandises, creates artistic appearance.
  • Wallwash / Valance Lighting

    Detailed accent lighting must be used to improve the perception and attractiveness of the goods displayed as well as the brand image.
  • Cove Lighting

    It is therefore important to adapt the direction of light, light color and lighting intensity dynamically to make sure it is appropriate to the target group’s behavior.
  • Aisle Lighting

    Diffuse general lighting ensures a subjective sense of well-being. The easier it is for customers to find their way around, the more likely they are to explore all areas of a store.
  • WallWash Lighting

    Customer behavior in retail areas is influenced significantly by perception and a sense of well-being. Light conveys emotions makes it easier for customer to find their way around.
  • Display Panel Lighting

    Display panel lighting is used for back light of display areas such as cosmetics and high-end exhibits. It offers an uniform and soft illumination without glare.
  • Specialty Lighting

    Specialty lighting is used for lighting box and back lighting of Logos. CRYSTAL offers an uniform and continuous lighting in any size and shape.