Lighting for Supermarket

SELF grocery and convenience store lighting combines the best of art and science.
The art: enhanced visual comfort and color clarity makes your products more appealing, shoppers more engaged, and boost sales.
The science: behind the scenes, our patented technology provides easy maintenance, significant energy savings, and longer life spans.
The effect: positive results for your bottom line.

Lighting areas in food sales

  • Vertical Freezer Lighting

    Ideal for vertical cooler or freezer lighting, DLC-listed FRIO4 is a sustainable and efficient way to create a visually pleasurable shopping experience.
  • Open-air Multi-deck Case Lighting

    Offering the highest visual appeal, DLC-listed FORGE on the top canopy and FROZEN on the lower shelves is the perfect merchandising combination for premium products .
  • Walk-in Cooler Lighting

    TINA delivers a successful combination of luminous efficiency and waterproof, as an adaptable lighting solution for frozen-foods section surroundings.
  • Case lighting

    Case lighting retrofits don’t have to be a nightmare. We have low-profile, slim shelf lighting for many types of showcases, shelves and accent lighting needs.
  • Shelf Lighting

    Application and sizing flexibility with ARROW, LINCUS, STRATUS2, STRIDE take the headaches out of retrofitting display shelving, bread cases, deli and meat cases,etc.
  • Track Lighting

    SPOCK and ASTRO series create stunning accent lighting, making the items in island cases sparkling, attractive and the center of attention.
  • Aisle lighting

    PATH linear LED combines aesthetic appeal with high performance output, uniform light distribution, and energy savings up to 50% for aisle and down light applications.
  • Perimeter lighting

    General lighting, particular area lighting and accent lighting formed indoor lighting design.
  • Outdoor perimeter lighting

    General lighting, particular area lighting and accent lighting formed outdoor lighting design. Light designers use these different ways to express the space form