Supply Chain

A strong supply chain is critical for efficient enterprise operations and customer satisfaction. At SELF, we prioritize supply chain management to enhance cooperation efficiency and provide superior service to our customers. Trust us for reliable and efficient supply chain solutions.

Supplier Partnership

With 30 years of industry experience, SELF has developed strategic partnerships in every facet of our supply chain. Our steady supply of reliable, high-quality key components guarantees that our products maintain excellent quality and continuous reliability. Trust SELF for reliable and efficient lighting solutions

Suppliers Control

At SELF, we take management systems seriously, which enhances internal management construction and fulfills social responsibility. We complete our own management system and implement system control over our suppliers. This ensures that raw materials, such as chips, LEDs, metal components, plastic components, PCBs, and more, all have very high qualification rates. Trust SELF for efficient and reliable lighting solutions, backed by rigorous management systems.