Pixel-free Optics
Revolutionary Solution

Light can have a significant impact on how customers perceive products, both positively and negatively. Vertical glass door lighting, in particular, can produce harsh spots that are easily noticeable to customers shopping at short distances, and these spots can create unwanted reflections that detract from the product's appearance. To solve these issues, we've developed a brand-new technology called Differential Optics, which uses an array of micro-optic lenses designed to function like the compound eyes of a fly. This technology ensures an exceptionally uniform light distribution, without any visible LED pixels, and provides best-in-class efficiency. With a shield angle of only 2 degrees, FAME Crystal produces a comfortable and pure light distribution with minimal glare. The superb light quality of FAME Crystal enhances the appearance of products, resulting in a Ra typ.93 and R9 min.60.

Anti-glare Design

Light delivers an exceptionally uniform light distribution to every corner in refrigerator. Anti-glare shelter is available for more options to help minimize any possible glare.

Differential Optic Old solution