PATH VISION, our newest generation of ceiling lighting with “BLACK HOLE” technology, was designed to provide you with a comfortable setting in which to shop. The anti-glare design minimizes the direct light to shoppers’ eyes, creating a helpful and relaxed shopping experience. By improving displays, reducing energy consumption, and offering fixtures with superior color rendering, this lighting solution optimizes the appeal and sustainability of the shopping environment. We are aware of the changing needs and challenges in lighting solutions and offer the latest technology to improve the in-store visual experience. Since customers enjoy browsing through merchandise, sufficient lighting must be provided for reading labels and obtaining pricing. Glare must be avoided when examining merchandise on the highest level of the shelves.

Key Feature
  • Anti-glare Design

  • Super-fast installation

  • High efficacy up to 163 lm/W

  • Linkable

  • Dimmable

Comfortable Lighting
Anti-Glare Design

Glare can be direct or indirect and is caused by both artificial and natural light, It can be controlled or reduced by choosing a lighting strategy or product designed to direct intensive light where it is most needed.

The purpose of reflectors in luminaires is to guide light. A high-quality, efficient reflector is a core aspect of the perfect retail lighting concept. It ensures that the light is directed to where it is needed: on the merchandise.

Super-fast Installation

Pre-wired luminaire connectors, reliable click-in mounting clips and built-in power supply allow for quick, simple, and safe installation, which minimizes working time and labor expense. Superior lightweight materials make it easy for one person to handle and install.

PATH VISION is an energy-efficient, low maintenance alternative to traditional linear lighting systems for the supermarket and retail arenas. Lighting is supplied with pre-wired connectors that make it possible to install without the use of tools, which greatly reduce labor costs.